FMC reviews 24 OTI license applicationsThe U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has received 24 license applications and changes for review.The FMC received non-vessel-operating common carrier license applications from Alaska Seavan, Seattle (Charles 信用貸款K. Behrens, president); Dawn Freight, Miami (Alba L. Gallo, president); Efreightsolutions, Irving, Texas (Stephen T. Russ, assistant secretary); Encar Trading Corp., Miami (Carlos Cardona, president); F.L. Investment Group, Orlando, Fla. (Tanya 西裝外套Quiroz, treasurer); Ochi Logistics, Forest Hills, N.Y. (Shiro Ochi, president); Ryan Global Logistics Corp., City of Industry, Calif. (Leslie W. Fung, chief executive officer); and Swan Container Line, Jersey City, N.J. (Fawwad Mohammad, operations 設計裝潢manager).The agency received NVO-ocean freight forwarder license applications from New Vista International, Sugar Land, Texas (Susan S. Tao, president); OC International Freight, Miami (Omar Collado, president); TDS Logistics, Houston (Reina G. 東森房屋Louden, vice president); Tito Global Trade Services USA, Miami (Victor Blanco, manager); and Transouth Marine Cargo, Miami (Roberto Ruiz, manager).The FMC also received ocean freight forwarder license applications from A&J Cargo Logistics, 買屋網Miami (Jose L. Iglesias, president); G&G Auto Sales, Savannah, Ga. (Darius Ziulpa, member); J&S Transportation, Lawrence, Mass. (Samson Eboigbe, manager); and Ocean Link Forwarding, Arcadia, Calif. (Wei Jiang, president).In addition, the 東森房屋agency received applications for changes to qualifying individuals from American Lamprecht Transport, Lawrence, Ky. (Alain Tiercy, chief financial officer); Bellville Rodair International, Edison, N.J. (Chris Matthews, vice president); and CTC 太平洋房屋Logistics, Los Angeles (Ruonan Mowia, secretary). The agency received applications for name changes from Dart Global Logistics, Jamaica, N.Y. (Ananda L. Jayasekara, chief operating officer); and FPS Logistics (USA), Gardena, Calif. (Quincy H. Tan, 澎湖民宿president); and for a structure change from Americas Cargo Express, Long Beach, Calif. (Jose J. Castano Sr., president); and for a license transfer from Cala Distribution, Miami (Pedro Salcedo, manager).Persons knowing of any reason why an 花蓮民宿applicant should not receive an OTI license or amendment are urged to contact the FMC's Office of Transportation Intermediaries in Washington at (202) 523-5843.

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